Our future lies in the city

City life is the epitome of our times - both fascinating and challenging. A world of change.

At the pulsating centres of the megacities, parking spaces are becoming increasingly rare, roads are getting more crowded and it takes longer and longer to get from A to B. The shortage of resources calls for a new approach. After all, the cities of the future raise many questions. In particular, nobody currently has any idea what commuting will be like.

A range of solutions is called to answer these questions - completely new, additional solutions which will enable people to customise their mobility to specifically meet their own individual needs. With vehicles which make smart, efficient use of the space available.

Here, flexible PTWs (powered two-wheelers) offer an affordable technology and intelligent details which make everyday life easier. Travel to any desired destination in the city, in the surrounding area or even further afield is convenient and safe - whether alone or with a passenger, with or without luggage. The urban future will run on two wheels.

BMW Motorrad provides modern solutions for the urban mobility of the next generation.